Menu Options

MD 380 Tools Menu Options

Menu Item Description
1. M. RogerBeep Changes the PTT Beep to a more subtle tone.
2. Boot Options Enables or Disables the Boot Screen at startup
3. Date Format Allows you to change the Date Format on the front display. If "Alt. Status" is chosen it replaces the clock with the last heard feature.
4. Show Call (formally userscsv) Select source of callsign display - CPS, UserDB, or TalkerAlias
5. USB Logging Used to log radio information for debugging
6. Promiscuous Allows radio to monitor by Timeslot. (Monitor feature)
7. Edit DMR-ID Edit DMR ID
8. Mic Bargraph Graphical display of your microphone audio
9. Mic gain Increase Mic Gain on the radio
10. Side Buttons Change the Side Button Configurations
11. Config Rest Reset all configurations related to the MD380 Tools.
12. Backlight Change backlight settings.
13. Morse output turn on morse code to announce channel numbers, menus, etc in cw.
14. CoPL Override Change during the bootup how information is displayed.
15. Alt Menu Dev Only type features. NetMonitor and Radio Vitials information.
16. Alt. Text Color Change display to use alternative colors. (MD380 TOOLZ)