Worldwide Contact Database

A complete copy of the DMR MARC database can be stored in SPI Flash, allowing your radio to show the name, callsign, and location of a distant QSO.

Promiscuous Mode

Promiscuous mode allows you to hear all talkgroups, even those that you are not listed in your codeplug. The talkgroup numbers are displayed on your radio's screen, so that you know to program them in later.


Replacement font makes the screen more pleasant to read.

USB Logging

USB logging allows an attached Linux computer to record calls, text messages, and digital audio.

On-Device Programming

New menu items allow for on-device programming, such as changes to your DMR ID number and side buttons without the need to find a laptop computer and transfer codeplugs.

Last Heard on Main Display

When enabled the last heard of the call sign and talk group is displayed where the date/time is normally displayed at the bottom of the main display.

Display Backlight

Change the settings for the backlight by setting the high and low intensity and timer.

Talker Alias Support

The new Talker Alias is now shown on the display. You will need to enable this in the menus. This will show the Alias information from the radio.