Alt Menu

The Alt Menu (Dev Only mode) enables the Net monitor and other information pages which are accessible via the keypad.


    Go to MENU
    Then to UTILITIES
    Then to MD380TOOLS or MD380Toolz
    Then to Alt. Menu (DEVONLY!!)
    Click ENABLE

Key Action
0 Netmon 6 - Channel LH List, shows where activity was received (helpful on longer monitoring)
1 SMS Test
2 Netmon 5 - lastheard + LH Channel and Page Status Mark >>>>> channel << #n after 9 lines
3 Copy TG ID to Contact List (while in Netmon 4 Screen)
4 Netmon 4 - Last Heard Screen with Talker Alias
5 Clear Last Heard Screen
6 Dump Sys Log (USB Logger)
7 Netmon Off - Exit, Back to Main Screen
8 Netmon 1
9 Netmon 2
# Netmon 3 - Raw Log - Decoded Radio Packets